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7 Beliefs for Real Magic Graphic

I’ve always taught my clients that the beliefs you hold about yourself affect the success and joy you find in your life. A few months ago I repinned the image to the left on Pinterest®. (Follow me on Pinterest.)

To my surprise and great delight it’s become my most popular Pin and has been for several months, which made me think that this might be something about which you’d like to know more—because there really is magic in your beliefs.

Do your beliefs about yourself move you forward or hold you back? Are you even conscious about what you believe? Most of us don’t give our beliefs much thought—and that’s how we can fall into Unconscious Traps: patterns of behavior that are at best ineffective and at worst detrimental to our success and happiness.

The basic beliefs we all hold about ourselves are the greatest factor in determining whether we use the obstacles in our path to move ahead or let them stop us in our tracks. Move Into Your Power is all about the Simple Shifts™ you can make to Forge Ahead Faster™ which include looking at what you believe to be true about yourself—and, when necessary—making a simple shift that will pop you around every obstacle you face. Pretty magical, don’t you think?

That’s how thousands of my clients have described their results over the last two decades: magical!

As always, you don’t have to take my word for it. Find out for yourself how Move Into Your Power will give you everything you need—from identifying the Unconscious Traps that always await you, to discovering the Simple Shifts you can make to get around every one of them, to finding out the big payoff you get every single time you choose to shift.

Stay tuned for the newly-upgraded video version, which launches in a few weeks. I’ll show you exactly how your beliefs can move you forward or stop you, so you can choose beliefs that will help you to manifest anything you want in your life.

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In the meantime, take a moment over the next few weeks to think about the Seven Beliefs for Manifesting Real Magic from this Pin. Which of them do you already believe? How could believing in the ones you don’t—yet—put a little magic in your life?

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