Day 42 ~ Breakdowns to Breakthroughs, Pt 1

Sometimes you have to have a breakdown to have a breakthrough.
Today I am having one of those interesting days when I have pushed myself past all limits to do too many things that matter to me. The last several days have finally caught up with me; yet I still want to show up tonight like I have for the last 41 days, ready to go.
Because I am so clear that my Powerful Presence can only show up when I tell the truth, I gotta tell it to you tonight.
I have this great idea for a blog – and I’ve been thinking about it all day . It’s after 9:30PM and I’m sitting here, like the Romeo I am, to finally put those words on this virtual paper. However, my brain is totally fried.
My heart is willing, yet my brain has already left the building.
I teach my clients that when you are in a state like this, the best course of action is to admit it, and reschedule. I tell them that people will be really glad that you told the truth, because you weren’t going to be coherent anyway; the truth is that everything they said was going to be lost on you. You owe them the respect of being present when you are with them.
Here’s where “walk your talk with integrity” actually intersects with “relate to other people.”
So I’m toast tonight. And you matter enough to me to tell you so. I’m trusting that this strategy that works so well in my thriving 20-year marriage and my long-term friendships will work in my relationship with you.
Tomorrow I’ll have all those words ready for you. Until then I must admit the breakdown in our conversation tonight and let go of my desire to make something up, to just push through this and produce something.
I trust that you’ll be here for the breakthrough.

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  1. I just stumbled across your blog and read a few day’s entries – this one, I LOVE! Curious, have you done any Landmark Education? I hear it in your words, but then again LM does not have the monopoly on transformation! I will subscribe to your blog and look forward to reading more. Thankyou.

    • Thank you Trinity! Yes, I took a number of Landmark courses in the 90s. I was working for a company who was using LM concepts with NLP – which I’d been using for over 10 years. Since my time there, I’ve continued to learn and refine the strategies that help me maneuver successfully through life (including AA, and a number of strategies I discovered as a Substance Abuse Counselor in the 80s). All those strategies have combined and percolated inside me as I’ve used them and shared them; now they’ve become a part of my take on life, which is encapsulated in the Journey to Powerful Presence. This blog is taking the route that it is because I am using the practical tools of this 12-week process to write the book about it. It’s been astounding – and surprising – and humbling. So, yes, I do keep all of my teachers in mind as I take this journey – and there were several in LM who opened my eyes, WIDE.

      I’d love to know how you stumbled across my blog! However you got here, welcome – and I hope you enjoy yourself. Please share what you enjoy with others. I look forward to your comments!

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